Hoover Dimension 1000 S3283 canister vacuum

My Hoover Dimension 1000 S3283 canister vacuum. The TOL model, compared to the S3493 and S3281 this one has a "NORM" LCD light and 3 more LCD bars on the suction control. Otherwise the same 4.3HP motor and Quadraflex powernozzle, does a damn good job on my living room rug, and I apologize for the bad lighting


  1. This is an excellent machine. I have one just like it — the S3281 — which is just as nice: only problem mine has is that the “low airflow” light always stays lit no matter what I do. The machine works fine otherwise, so I simply ignore it!

  2. Thank you. I did happen to come across a 1994 Hoover Supremacy canister which appeared to resemble this one, but it was built here (in the U.S.).

  3. uh, yah. All Dimensions were U.S. made, are you sure you’re no relation to rob Gwisdala by chance?


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